I Heard The Clock Ticking Again, And It Took Me Back In Time

I heard the clock today, ticking again
And it took me back in time
When my afternoons were so empty
Sleepless and restless
Filled with thoughtless wandering,
Just creeping on people, sound asleep
One room to another
Wondering what got them so tired.
And waiting so eagerly for them to wake up,
so that they would dress me up
And I’d just run out play.

I went back to a time
Where friendships were much more innocent
My thoughts weren’t so much as thoughts than dreams,
head up in clouds, yet the mind not so clouded
All so black and white, not a trace of grey.

But hey! Wake up,
It’s evening again
The sleepy afternoon’s now gone.
The clock now ticks to tell me i’m late for class.
That my afternoons are no more restless,
They now, crave for some sleep.
And to remind me that my evenings
Aren’t three hours long play dates anymore
tough they wish to go back a decade

Where my mind was yet to be shaped,
Opinions were yet to be formed,
Stories were yet to be grey,
And the track of time was yet to be lost….

(Ironic that I am posting this right, because home quarantine has left me with too much XD)

Starry Eyed

Starry eyed as she was,

Her dreams held the whole of universe,

Where lies were true….

And the dead didn’t depart,

Hatred learned love….

And forgiveness held a special place in my heart.

– Kruti


….a random bunch of lines for my current state of mind.

And I Called you A Friend….

This poem is in the voice of every girl who now lives her life in fear and mistrust because of that one person whom she thought she knew and could trust…..

I called you a friend,
A friend I did trust,
A friend I believed,
A friend I did love.

I shared my secrets,
Made myself vulnerable,
Ending up giving you more reasons,
Just to feel more capable.

More capable of using me,
As an object of satisfaction,
Scarring every single moment,
Of our “friendly” interactions.

You abused my body,
And stripped my dignity,
You trashed my feelings,
And kept on hurting me.

I begged you to stop,
I cried for help,
But who could’ve saved me,
From my own “friend”?

So you’ve stabbed in the back,
Oh, my dear Brutus,
You’ve broken my trust,
No, you didn’t spare Julius.

You shattered my belief,
You broke my trust,
You ended a friendship,
For merely fetish and lust.

I hope I’ve done justice to the feelings of every girl who had to suffer through a time like that.

You & Me

This poem is for Aarya. My bestie, my girlfriend, my sister!

When I look at you,
It’s not just you that I see,
I see the 13 years,
Two besties- You & Me!

Form toddlers to teens,
We’ve been our own world’s queens.
Where I’m there for you,
And you’re there for me.

Laughing and crying,
With you by my side,
Every moment is memorable,
And life’s a joy ride.

Every second spent with you,
Is the only time well spent,
For I need you and love you,
My best girlfriend!

Happy Women’s Day

I wrote this poem when I was 11, on 5th March’14.

You’re a woman
Brave and strong,
You try your best
To never go wrong.

You wish for your family
To live long,
Guide them to the right path
And where they belong.

You wish well
For others but you,
The men who do the same
Are very few.

To your loved ones….
You give sympathy….
In them, you believe,
Their hands you never leave.

You never give up on them,
You’re their only hope.
In the worst of situations,
You teach them how to cope.

So, not only today
But, every single day,
We’ll respect you and we’ll say,
“Mom, sis and friend,

Happy Birthday Buddy

I never bought you,
You were born in my heart.
But Maggie(Buddy’s mother) did tell me,
You were born on 3rd March.

The day we got you home,
You wanted to take a nap,
So you slept all the way home….
With your head resting in my lap.

With these memories each day…
I wish for you and pray,
That every year this day,
You have the Happiest Birthday!


I Miss You Buddy

There were things we did together,
Which will stay with me forever,
I won’t forget them ever,
Cause I know I can never.

I remember once your paws,
Burn on the hot road of tar,
How you were jumping, and I told you,
“Oh Buddy, how funny you are!”

I miss the way you ran,
like a totally crazy rat,
And the way your tummy jiggled,
That was really-really fat.

I miss you calling names,
“Three pieces”, “Horsey”, and “Cat”.
And the way you spilt water from your bowl,
And in there you went and sat.

Sorry for not keeping the promise,
Of keeping you safe till I live.
Now all I have are you memories,
And keeping them safe now, is all I can give.

There’s not a day that goes by,
That I don’t think about you,
And every single day that goes by,
Oh Buddy I miss You.


My Lovely Grandpas

This is a poem dedicated to both my sweetest grandpas! To, Nanu and Aaba….

A flip on the calender,
And you get older by the day.
Your teeth start falling out,
And your hair are more than just grey!

There are these little downers,
But that don’t matter much….
‘Cause everybody knows,
You’re the sweetest on the planet as such!

You’ll always be my favourite,
No matter how old I grow.
And you know what your hair look like?
They’re like the softest white snow!

So, my dear grandpas,
With each year passing in bliss,
I wish you both more happiness….
With a warm hug and a kiss!


This poem is dedicated to my younger brother Rohan. He is the cutest and most amazing brother ever. So here goes….

Brothers like you,
In the world are very few.
The smile on your face,
Is just like morning dew.

You are growing up,
Rohan I love you so much.
You always prove yourself in the crowd,
And make us all very proud.

Your life is gonna be really fun,
The one that has just begun.
Full of joy and adventure,
Keeping you happy forever.

You are the best brother,
I’ll be there for you forever.
Never letting this sweet relationship wither,
I’m gonna be your best sister.

Happy Birthday!!

This is a poem for that special day we all have in our lives!

There comes a day each year,
That’s dear to your heart,
You came in this world,
As a beautiful work of art.

You grow a year older,
A little bit smarter,
To choose your own path….
Of being bad or better.

Each year has memories,
To remember and forget.
And to learn from our mistakes,
To have a year better yet.

So let this year be,
Another special one for you,
With your loved ones going….
“Happy Birthday to You!”