The Altar II

She looks down,

At her beautiful ring


The shiny, big diamond

Feels heavier each day.

The metal

Burning through her skin,

The promise

Stripping her to the bone.

Your anniversary,

A reminder –

The wait was over,

You could see your future,

She walked down the aisle.

Blank paper,

He almost apology,

Crumpled up, dismissed.

Mascara intact, lips cherry red…

You smiled,

She’d vowed

To be happily wed.

The Altar

You stood there

Waiting, dreaming

Building a future.

Hours and hours,

She didn’t show up.

Tore her dress,

She was on the run

Mascara and guilt

Down her cheeks.

Her head hung low,

Smudged ink on the sheet,

Her thoughts trembling.

Blank paper her apology.

She had no words

No defense for

Leaving you at the altar.


Unsigned letters

Of faceless fears,

Favorite lyrics,

And hateful tears….


You write me a story,

Map a way to your soul,

The hate, the anger

In that abysmal hole….


You fear that her eyes will someday,

Not see you the same.

And his hands won’t hold you,

That they’ll forget your name.


And in that loneliness,

Lost in the milky way,

You fear your sense of fear,

Floating away….


Let me paint you a picture,

Try to look through my eye….

The crimson bleeding into blue,

The dusk growing in the sky.

One of the many, that we miss

Simply because we don’t look up….


The mid-day perfume

Of the warm breeze,

And etched papers

Of old diaries,

Indifferent of forgotten lanes, and torn pages.

Discolored patches

On old photographs,

From tear drops

On your face,

Souvenirs of the forgotten past,

Filling my trunk’s empty space.


Broken hearts mend

Just fine when

the cell’s devoid

Of calendar memories,


And our eyes just

Dry up with

Exhausted playlists

And batteries.


Deleted texts

And blocked numbers

Mark the end

Of a time,


From his bad jokes

To his dirty lies

He still lives

Rent free in your mind.


Either you or me

Will eulogize the other,

Unless our ashes

Write in the wind

The other’s memory….

But the day I slip into oblivion,

Would you paint my nails

In the most ridiculous fluorescent color,

Put me in the trendiest dress,

Dress me in the funkiest jewelry,

Lay out my favorite champagne,

Play the loudest Taylor song?

Would you celebrate me?

Dance around my bonfire,

Let me give you warmth

Through my roasting cold body,

Tell everyone

I was taller, cuter and funnier

Than you can ever be?

But just to give them

My first funeral,

Could you sing your best poem?

And if not,

Could I sing mine on yours?

Dull Afternoon

No wind to move

The leaves around,

Alive, but they seem dead.

Only the light pierces through

The deafening silence

This dull afternoon, by the sea.


No wave crashed

On the shore today,

They’ve left

To the far and beyond.

Never to return, it seems….

The smell of their memory lingering

In the salty, shallow breeze.


The leaves will forget

The touch of the wind,

The air will forget

The sea’s smell,

Hoping one day

The touch of his lips,

The smell of his perfume,

Will too, leave her mind.

Chemical Heart

It’s a teenage limbo,

It’s just a game….

We could play it right-

Slap on smiles, try to be brave.

Chase clouds or shadows,

Fix broken clocks.

Or just hide away the timeless scars.

Hold on and let go,

Or wish upon a star….

Maybe fit it in a rhyme

Just to make sense of it all.

Caught up in lies and ugly truths,

Tangled in broken strings,

On this sick verge of adulthood

Standing with a childish grin….

I’m young and in pain,

A stupid smile on my face

Holding on to this “Chemical Heart”.

This poem is greatly inspired by the prime original movie #ChemialHearts.


Rolling in the news,

The storm finally hit.

It rumbled, it poured,

It clouded the skies.

From sweaty palms, to cold feet

With the vanishing sunlight.

From beige then grey and blue and black,

The day had surrendered

To the mighty gale’s command.

The wind chimes, announced evening….

Quieter and calmer and cold.

The kind that makes you smile,

Now that you’re oblivious

To the power it holds.

To its might and it’s pity,

And the unforgiving mercy.


In your comfortable homes.

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