Dull Afternoon

No wind to move

The leaves around,

Alive, but they seem dead.

Only the light pierces through

The deafening silence

This dull afternoon, by the sea.


No wave crashed

On the shore today,

They’ve left

To the far and beyond.

Never to return, it seems….

The smell of their memory lingering

In the salty, shallow breeze.


The leaves will forget

The touch of the wind,

The air will forget

The sea’s smell,

Hoping one day

The touch of his lips,

The smell of his perfume,

Will too, leave her mind.

Chemical Heart

It’s a teenage limbo,

It’s just a game….

We could play it right-

Slap on smiles, try to be brave.

Chase clouds or shadows,

Fix broken clocks.

Or just hide away the timeless scars.

Hold on and let go,

Or wish upon a star….

Maybe fit it in a rhyme

Just to make sense of it all.

Caught up in lies and ugly truths,

Tangled in broken strings,

On this sick verge of adulthood

Standing with a childish grin….

I’m young and in pain,

A stupid smile on my face

Holding on to this “Chemical Heart”.

This poem is greatly inspired by the prime original movie #ChemialHearts.


Rolling in the news,

The storm finally hit.

It rumbled, it poured,

It clouded the skies.

From sweaty palms, to cold feet

With the vanishing sunlight.

From beige then grey and blue and black,

The day had surrendered

To the mighty gale’s command.

The wind chimes, announced evening….

Quieter and calmer and cold.

The kind that makes you smile,

Now that you’re oblivious

To the power it holds.

To its might and it’s pity,

And the unforgiving mercy.


In your comfortable homes.

Mother Nature

I see her grow,

Bolder every break of dawn.

Every ray of warm light,

Shows me that I,

Need her touch.

Not she, mine.


I see her grow,

More beautiful every passing minute.

Every passing second

She reminds me how,

My absence

Adds to her elegance.


I see her grow,

Stronger every hour.

Every day, I realize

How the air I survive on,

Could be her weapon to my demise.


She grows,

Fiercer, stronger, bolder

Without me.

While I survive, at her mercy.

For she’s who birthed me….

Not I, her.


I wish I had who you have…

A younger someone who snitches,

A younger one, to protect.

An older one, who’s protective.

A younger one, you “found on street”

An older one, to call you “adopted”.

A younger one, to be held accountable and responsible for

An older on, you can always depend on.

A younger one, who’s a pain in the ass

An older one, you can pester all you want.

A someone to strike a deal with, to keep your darkest secrets

A someone who calls you ugly, stupid and dumb

But is always there for you, when you need them.

A love-hate relationship, a bond of blood

A sibling to hate, tolerate, protect and love.


Maybe she loved me,

‘Cause I remember her staring

Through my eyes into infinity.

She held my hand

And touched my face,

And I was never lonely

With her.

She watched me grow,

And scrape my knees,

bruise my ego, break my heart,

And watched some people

Pick up and leave.

But she stayed, all through

The tiffs and fights

And the wounded nights.

She knew my dreams

As good as the nightmares,

And she never asked me why

I had to cry that night,

She just wiped my tears

Hushed me, and sang a lullaby.

Oh I know she loved me,

And she still does.

She treats me like a queen,

Never leaves my side,

She gives me all of her

She’s my ride or die.

She, is me

I am her,

The only difference is

I could never love her enough….


Exhausted of confinement,

A sigh escaped me

To meet the evening so warm and tired.

So after weeks I opened the bedroom window,

To see how calm the world could be sometimes,

And to witness the silent night.

But when my heart cozied up

To this new found world,

Through eyes that drank its serenity,

A gentle zephyr brushed past my cheeks,

Like a forbidden lover’s kiss.

It whistled past my ear,

Like something he’d gently whisper

To make me week in my knees.

It was as if it tried to lure me outside,

And tease me for I can’t.

When now, it can sore through any sky,

Not a single dust-grey cloud to cross its way,

For the fall of the perpetually rising smoke and embers

Had set its spirit free.

April 16th, 2020


I’m sorry if I hurt you,

Or let you down along the way

Of the path I chose to walk….

For the way I behaved, I apologize

For the things I’ve said and done

Things that broke your heart,

And things that let you down.

I apologize for my actions

That drifted us apart,

For the way the things ended

And for giving them that kind of a start.

I apologize for my poor judgement

But not for my decisions,

And I’m sorry for these outcomes

But not my intentions.

I know I’ve done wrong in the past

And I regret making those mistakes

But I’m grateful for how they’ve shaped me today,

So I’m not gonna apologize for yesterday

Because honestly, it was the best day of my life.


You can pretend to be something I love,

And I’ll be all yours,

That is, until the pretense wears you out,

And your true colors

End up painting me a picture.

A picture of our tomorrow,

Where I leave, or I stay

For the better or for worse,

But for the smile I deserve.

I heard the clock today, ticking again
And it took me back in time
When my afternoons were so empty
Sleepless and restless
Filled with thoughtless wandering,
Just creeping on people, sound asleep
One room to another
Wondering what got them so tired.
And waiting so eagerly for them to wake up,
so that they would dress me up
And I’d just run out play.

I went back to a time
Where friendships were much more innocent
My thoughts weren’t so much as thoughts than dreams,
head up in clouds, yet the mind not so clouded
All so black and white, not a trace of grey.

But hey! Wake up,
It’s evening again
The sleepy afternoon’s now gone.
The clock now ticks to tell me i’m late for class.
That my afternoons are no more restless,
They now, crave for some sleep.
And to remind me that my evenings
Aren’t three hours long play dates anymore
tough they wish to go back a decade

Where my mind was yet to be shaped,
Opinions were yet to be formed,
Stories were yet to be grey,
And the track of time was yet to be lost….

(Ironic that I am posting this right, because home quarantine has left me with too much XD)

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